According to official sources, I have existed since about 1228. The exact date of birth is not known although I was listed as a parish in the old registers of the Lausanne diocese.
Around the year 1150 the de Blonay noblemen, living at Chillon, started out on a Crusade. Upon their return they found the Savoy family had settled in the castle.
The de Blonay family decided to build their own castle which was erected high above the lake. They gained esteem, holding prestigious positions in the Savoyan administration as bailiff of Vaud, Lord of Moudon, imperial judge in Lausanne, envoy to the Confederation. One member of the Savoy branch of the de Blonay family even became Viceroy of Sardinia.
Blonay narrowly escaped the attack of the Bernese in 1476 when, on their way to Italy during the Burgundy wars, they were setting fire to the nearby Châtelard, marauding La Tour-de-Peilz and threatening the castle owner residing at the time.
It was in 1801, August 6th, to be exact, when a terrible fire broke out in Tercier which, fanned by the strong local wind, the „bise“, destroyed about 60 houses while most of the inhabitants were busy with the hay harvest in the mountains.
After the Reformation, the local branch of the de Blonay family became Protestant and reluctantly put up with the Bernese domination.
They were always owners of the castle, with the exception of half a century when the heirs of this illustrious family were forced to sell their ancestral seat, which temporarily became the property of the Grafenrieds.
Despite its advanced age, the castle, still the property of the de Blonay family, continues to be proudly cherished by the Blonaysan people.

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